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Zhongshan G-look Amusement Machine Co., Ltd., Wood River Trail located in Zhongshan City Industrial Zone , founded in 1997 , is a collection of scientific research , production, sales and after-sales as one of the large play equipment business. Is a joint venture with Hong Kong joint-stock enterprises. The company has more than 30,000 square meters of production plants, product range covers carnival lottery machines , analog machines , small motorized machine series and other indoor and outdoor play equipment while the Zhongshan gaming entertainment Industry Association vice president of the unit .

Playwright company won the State Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the ' China special equipment manufacturing license ' ( large-scale recreational facilities ) , all products have been CE certified . We are an international amusement park association IAAPA members and China Association of Amusement Parks CAAPA member . Through 10 years of sustained and stable development, at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation , is the Chinese amusement industry, large scale and strength of the large-scale enterprise groups.

Companies adhere to the integrity and full implementation of international brand strategy. Currently, the company 's innovative products and strive to development of the industry with the world simultaneously , Gameloft has worldwide amusement industry with many well-known enterprises to establish friendly relations of cooperation, with integrity and strong development strength to win the trust of partners for mutual technical exchanges between the development of multilateral market and lay a good foundation , but also to promote the products are exported to countries and regions in the world .

The company has Zhongshan G-look Amusement Machine Co., Ltd. , Ltd. Chi Fun park chain , several wholly owned subsidiaries and direct management . Directly by the company to provide equipment and full management of intellectual interest paradise , with a strong backing to expand research and production base as quickly provide fashionable new playground equipment , and import completely personalized playground project planning , attracting many domestic recreation enthusiasts to follow. Currently, more than intellectual interest in the national park economically developed provinces to expand the range of vertical management of more than 30 chain stores , and its unique , perfect management model has become the first choice of large commercial real estate investment projects , expected in the next three during the year, will be sold , to join, cooperation, etc. the chain stores expand to 100 or more, the rapid formation of brand and scale effect, for the company to expand in the country 's diversification broader platform .

We run a sunshine industry , while Gameloft under the sun like sunflowers . Playwright diligent gardeners who like to grow sunflowers flower trying to irrigate and fertilize taken care of . When bright flowers bloom when KIDSLAND not smell sunflower Qinren bloom aroma and appreciate its beauty, but also conceived harvest sunflower seeds.

Confucius once said : 'The wise delight in the water , the benevolent Leshan .' This quote from 'The Analects ? Yong papers .'

Wise , it is the wise man. Smart people pass on the affair , responsive and active thinking , restless temperament kept flowing like water , like water for match so wise .

Benevolent , which is compassionate person. Generosity of people content with moral principles , tolerance, kindness and difficult impulse, a quiet temperament does not move like a mountain of athletic , so for comparison with mountain benevolent .

Hill , on behalf of athletic, ambitious , have their height, depth , Bo , the quality great .

Water, represents wisdom , good use of things without struggle with all things , great fusion , but also represents wealth , it is the source of life ; water drop stone wear , down to earth continued need for perseverance .

Zhongshan Playwright entertainment equipment company's ' Playwright ' whichever is the meaning and naming.

English Playwright registered trademark 'G-LOOK', there are several deeper meanings:

The first meaning : G FOR GAME is a 'game' means , LOOK is the ' look ' means, on behalf of the direction of the game ;

The second meaning : G FOR GLOBALIZE is 'globalization' means , meaning Company Looking at the world and with the world ;

Meanwhile G-LOOK also ' Playwright ' homonym word , easy to remember our Chinese foreign friends name .

This is entertainment equipment Co., Ltd. , Zhongshan Playwright brand story . 

Playwright inception in business a few years mainly focused on children's play equipment, development and production. Playwright beginning at the start of targeted dislocation business with their peers , children's products are focused on the early stages of development starting from the enterprise and positioning . Coca-Cola 's famous former U.S. president 'Be Different, Or Be Damned! ( If not different from others , they could not live ! ) ' , He added: ' ubiquitous brand , focusing on differentiated out , creating the minds of consumers the value through a detailed market survey and research, discovered that in China 's entertainment industry, engaged in the production and development and have a certain size and strength of the enterprise should have been more than 100 or more, but in the children's amusement with professional R & D production levels enterprises are few , though , was also constantly hitting some newborn children playground equipment companies manufacturing and R & D , but mostly because the output value and profit reasons, can only engage in a small amount of production, or simply restructuring after all, relative to the entire industry, children's entertainment products category or profits , whether in value , are not with the large-scale machinery , simulation class , classes, and lottery gaming machines etc. in terms of synchronization from the customer's needs, market development , geographic regions and customer type of analysis, industry stay out of the gaps in the market , in the early days of their living space and development opportunities , but since 2000 , Gameloft has grown from a single product research and development production children's play sets Carnival successful transition to machinery and simulation and other aspects of product development, production, management , sales and service five one group of the entertainment business . Playwright 's goal is not just dealers and Park Place , but also covers the whole field of indoor playground sales and services offered now greatly relaxed indoor playground domestic policy , a huge opportunity is gradually emerging.

Indeed, Playwright development today, not only in childhood devices made certain achievements in the current domestic selling part of the simulator and carnival equipment , also stood in the forefront of the domestic counterparts . The Ministry of Culture announced the first audit by the entertainment products companies, Playwright products accounted for a certain seat. Also, because the forward-looking products and services and thoughtful , but also has been recognized by our customers .

So far , companies successfully passed every year a number of product patents declared. As has already been applied for many large-scale mechanical invention and utility model patents, patent , and has been awarded part of the utility model patent certificate and more than 50 kinds of products copyright . Another Division I and Zhongshan Vocational many other colleges and universities collaborate to develop and get good results.

'There is no viable brand , it is difficult to make a corporate brand ,' so we are based on industry characteristics , proposed a ' listening center , look at Europe, do it yourself, go out' approach to development, vigorously improve the quality of personnel . In order to expand horizons, also regularly expatriates exhibitions abroad learn , to accelerate the pace of internationalization of Chilean music .

Companies adhere to the scientific management , credit management, people-oriented thinking as the business purpose, adhere to the ' intellectual interest in life , joy to the world ' as the company's operating philosophy , in the future development orientation in mind GRATEFUL , Gratitude Santa Claus, will will achieve business development , customer satisfaction, contributing to society and lead the industry -win situation!