Western China Xi’an Amusement & Game Expo 2018
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[2017] About CAM

Located in the Sichuan plain hinterland, Chengdu has been an important hub of the north and south silk road since ancient times. And also, we can see its special status from the Vision and Actions on Jointly Building Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road which shows our country’s overall idea and preliminary planning of the Belt and Road strategy.

As an important center of economy, education, culture and finance in southwest China, Chengdu has the ability to act its extraordinary role in Belt and Road and grow up with it. The Belt and Road is neither a wishful thinking nor a simple foreign investment of government. It is a strategy to let our country to be in deep interconnection and integration with neighboring countries. And similarly, the new Belt and Road is either a simple trade route but a value creation belt which congregate the investment, culture communication and technical cooperation. In that new opening up road, Chengdu bears many advantages.

Under the new situation of our national culture and entertainment industry development, we hope Sichuan and Guangdong province can display their own advantages in this industry through West China (Chengdu) Amusement and Game Expo 2017. Based on the principle of “win-win cooperation and resources sharing” to build platform, construct mechanism and promote development. And thus to impel the development of game and amusement industry in Sichuan province, west China and even the countries and regions along the Belt and Road route, especially the countries in central Asia, South Asia, southeast Asia, Middle East, central and eastern Europe. There, the public demand for culture and entertainment is continuously enhanced with the development of economy. The game markets are bright. And in that way, Chengdu certainly will give full play and expand its existing advantages and build itself an important pivot city. And we believe that it will drive game and amusement industry into a great-leap-forward development in West China.

Exhibition arrangement:

Name: West China (Chengdu) Amusement & Game Expo 2017 (GAGA EXPO)

Date: 26th-28th April, 2017 

Exhibition Installation: 24th -25th April

Exhibition Hall Installation / Move-In Dates: 24th-25th April

Exhibition Hall Dismantling / Move-Out Dates: before 16:00 on April 28th , 2016. (Must finish that day)

Place: Hall 2,Chengdu International Convention and Exhibition Center, New Century City 


Advisor: Department of Culture of Sichuan Province     

Host: China Culture & Entertainment Industry Association, Sichuan     Province Performance & Entertainment Industry Association

Co-organizer: Guangzhou Panyu Animation & Game Association, Guangzhou Convention & Exhibition Service Center, Anime Revitalizing Base of Sichuan Province, Guangzhou Zhongliang Presswork Design Co., Ltd.

Support: Chengdu Recreational Entertainment Industry Association

Government strongly support, industry building, the most popular and the hottest show!!!

Background and market overview:

West China (Chengdu) Amusement & Game Expo 2017 (GAGA EXPO) has been hosted for three times from 2010 to 2012. Accumulated more than 200 domestic first-line manufacturers had been there at the meeting show to display their independent research and development of recreational equipment and supporting products. The total number of audiences and recreational entertainment owners up to more than 40000 people. With good commercial effect and sincere attitude of hosting exhibitions, GAGA EXPO gradually set up its market reputation in Western China and become the western China's largest and most professional recreational game show.

Guangdong province is one of the most important game bases in China and now has been has formed two large-scale recreational amusement game equipment production bases respectively in panyu and zhongshan.

As the foundation and front state of Chinese game and amusement industry, Guangdong has quickly come into the phase of rapid transformation and development under the scientific support and guide of government. No matter in the opening-up, popularity and reputation, it all has significantly raise. Part of original brands are emerging. And with an increasingly active cooperation with foreign countries, Guangdong amusement industry has been widely focused in domestic and international on these "two markets" and known by foreign customers. They understand Cantonese and accepted our products. Which also provide a good platform for larger recreational game industry to perform and communicate on the international stage show.

The main radiation of “Silk Road Economic Belt” include Central Asia, Russia, South Asia and eventually extend to Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East areas. And “the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road” include South Asia, Oceania and the Indian Ocean. 

West China (Chengdu) Amusement & Game Expo 2017 will combine Guangdong amusement and game industry and its own advantages to highlight the real economy service and its trading function, to promote “area” exchanges and cooperation with surrounding countries along Belt and Road route, and give full play of the leader role of the Western Culture and Amusement industry in organization, coordination and radiation. West China (Chengdu) Amusement & Game Expo 2017 is not only a good development chance of western amusement but also under the mission of development this industry. We believe the innovation idea of culture and amusement industry will collide here where the trade will be in great achievements, where the talents will be gathered, and where our dream “to let the world understand China’s amusement” will come true.

Exhibition Theme and Contents:

1. Opening ceremony

2. The development policy of western China game and amusement industry 

3. Related industrial park recommendation

4. Trading fair of Western China game and amusement industry

5. Dinner 

Exhibitor instruction and registration:

Booth Details:

1. Standard booth(3Mx3M=9㎡)

   RMB 5000/booth

Standard Configuration

(1)Chinese/English fascia board

(2)Three - sided displaying board (Height:2.5M)

(3)A 220v power supply (500W for Lighting power , the machine electricity have to pay another application)

(4)one negotiation table,two chairs, two lamps, carpet, trash basket.

(2)  Raw booth: RMB 500/㎡

Note: minimum renting 36/sqm (Raw space rental does not include facilities provided in the Standard Booth).

Management fee (all the raw booth) :RMB 20 for single layer.


1.Deposit of 30% of the total amount after the contract signed, payment has not been paid is not included in the complete registration.

2.Exhibition Application Form(Signature &stamp).

3.There is not perfect of this introduction. The organizing committee reserves the right to change at any time and all exhibitors must obey and coordinate.

(1) Booth allocation Organizer allocate stand after receipt the deposit.

(2) Booth has not been paid in two weeks after allocation will be cancelled.



West China (Chengdu) Amusement & Game Expo 2017(GAGA)

Date: 26th—28th April, 2017

Place: Hall 2, Chengdu International Convention and Exhibition Center, New Century City

Exhibition area: 11000㎡

Exhibition Hall Installation / Move-In Dates: 24th-25th April

Exhibition Hall Dismantling / Move-Out Dates: before 16:00 on April 28th , 2016. (Must finish that day)


Visual reality VR&AR technical equipments;

Children amusement and game machines,carnival, themed amusement equipments;

Electric games;

Outdoor climbing and sports equipment;


Soft and hard equipment of Internet Cafe industry;

Online game, computer game, Next Gen Console and related equipment

Accessories like screen,engine base, wooden case, stick, etc.;

Publishment of game and amusement industry, magazine, media, show, websites.


E-mail: info@chinaamuse.com

Tysia Qiu 

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