Western China Xi’an Amusement & Game Expo 2018
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2016-12-7 17:29:17

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date : 2016-12-12 11:19:03  author :   sort : Exhibition Dynamic
More than two millennia ago the diligent and courageous people of Eurasia explored and opened up several routes of trade and cultural exchanges that linked the major civilizations of Asia, Europe and
date : 2016-12-7 17:29:17  author :   sort : CAM 2017 Exhibitors
Founded in early 1990s, WAHLAP is devoted to the development of arcade games with the innovative concept of “Sunshine Culture & Creative Technology”. Over the past two decades or so, WAHLAP has su
date : 2016-12-9 15:58:04  author :   sort : CAM 2017 Exhibitors
Guangzhou Movie Power Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in 5D 7D dynamic cinema for eight years, we are committedto VR products development, production and sales and dedicated to provide total soluti
date : 2016-12-7 17:32:11  author :   sort : CAM 2017 Exhibitors
Universal Space Amusement Limited (UNIS) is a leading manufacturer of amusement machines. We were a small company in 1993. The last thirteen years of hard work, innovation and technology excellence ha
date : 2016-12-7 17:33:21  author :   sort : CAM 2017 Exhibitors
“Zhanhui Animation Science &Technology Co., Ltd", which its predecessor is "Bao Hui Electronic Science &Technology Co., Ltd”,has been established since 1992. With ten years of sustai
date : 2016-12-9 16:59:50  author :   sort : CAM 2017 Exhibitors
Guangzhou Huangyue Animation Technology Co., Ltd. (HYDM) is a manufacturer of amusement, gaming and vending equipment based in Guangzhou, China. we have 20 persons R&D team, including the Taiwan techn
date : 2016-12-9 11:35:01  author :   sort : CAM 2017 Exhibitors
Zhongshan G-look Amusement Machine Co., Ltd., Wood River Trail located in Zhongshan City Industrial Zone , founded in 1997 , is a collection of scientific research , production, sales and after-sales
date : 2016-12-9 11:26:59  author :   sort : CAM 2017 Exhibitors
Guangzhou Superwing Animation Technology Co. Ltd, 16 years experience integrated enterprise in researching, manufacturing and marketing entertainment game machines. It is located in Huachuang Animatio
date : 2016-12-9 16:12:24  author :   sort : CAM 2017 Exhibitors
Zhongshan Golden Dragon was established in 1989, and now it is the largest comprehensive amusement group. The business scope of Golden Dragon Group contains the development, production and selling of
date : 2016-12-9 17:13:33  author :   sort : CAM 2017 Exhibitors
Yuehua Co. is a professional manufacturer of tokens and redemption tickets for coin-op machines, which is a subsidiary of Guangzhou Xuanhua Hardware Products Co., Ltd. and the first batch of enterpris